• Michael Burry compared the current banking turmoil to the Panic of 1907.
• Robert Kiyosaki warned of ‚fake money‘ injections into the US economy and advised buying more bitcoin.
• Credit Suisse received a 50 billion Swiss Franc bailout from the Swiss National Bank and Barney Frank suspects an „anti-crypto message“ behind it.

Michael Burry Compares Current Banking Turmoil to Panic of 1907

Hedge fund manager Michael Burry drew comparisons between the current global banking debacle and the Panic of 1907. He noted that three weeks after J.P. Morgan made a stand, the panic was resolved and markets bottomed out.

Robert Kiyosaki Warns Of ‚Fake Money‘ Injections

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki warned this week of more ‚fake money‘ being injected into the U.S economy following government bailouts concerning Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank collapses. He advised buying more Bitcoin in order to protect oneself from inflationary effects brought about by such injection of funds.

Credit Suisse Receives 50 Billion Swiss Franc Bailout From Swiss National Bank

Credit Suisse experienced a loss of confidence due to its shares plummeting 24% against USD over 5 days, resulting in them receiving a 50 billion Swiss franc loan from Swiss National Bank (SNB) in order to restore liquidity in their accounts.

Barney Frank Suspects ‚Anti-Crypto‘ Message Behind Signature Bank Collapse

Former member of US House Representatives and Signature Bank board member, Barney Frank, said he suspects regulators meant to send an „anti-crypto message“ in regards to the bank’s recent failure when they imposed restrictions which led up to it collapsing amidst other banks around the world experiencing similar issues due to market instability caused by Covid-19 pandemic related issues.

Weekly Roundup: Speculation & Debate Rage Surrounding Global Banking Crisis

This week saw speculation and debate surrounding global banking crisis as Michael Burry compared it with Panic of 1907, Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki warning about fake money injections into US economy, financial institution Credit Suisse recieving 50 billion Swiss franc bailout from SNB and former US House Reprensentative Barney Frank suspecting anti-crypto agenda behind Signature Bank collapse among other news & events discussed above..